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Options for self-pay services are as follows: 

Intake Evaluation $150

Individual / Family session $125



Some insurance plans do not cover the entire amount of the costs for outpatient mental health counseling services.  For those plans that do not, you will have to pay a co-pay or satisfy the deductible requirement for the service to be covered by the insurance plan. You may be able to use the sliding scale rates to cover your cost of services for copays or rates that exceed a certain amount.


Sliding Scale

We offer a sliding scale.  The rate of services is determined by your household income.  Please click here to view the sliding scale.


Methods of Payment We Accept

Visa, Master Card, Discover, AMEX, Check, Paypal, and Zelle, No Cash. 

With the exception of Check, Paypal, and Zelle, we are able to securely store your payment information for each session. This option is recommended.  You will receive your receipt by email or hardcopy. 

Other Payment Options

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