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Helping you succeed and find your life's purpose is our goal for you.  With the principles of  G.R.O.W.T.H., you will be able to conquer any barrier achieve any mission you set out to master. 

Have you ever felt stuck? Like things didn't make sense? Like something needed to change?  These things happen and it is not always easy to get past them.  At G.R.O.W.T.H. Counseling and Therapy, we help you get through these difficult times.  We will help you work through the psychological, social, physical, and emotional barriers that stunt your growth, your progress, and your inner peace. 

Anxiety, depression, trauma, substance abuse, self-esteem issues, identity issues, work or school problems, and relationship challenges can all enter into our lives.  They have a way of disrupting our balance and flow.  They may alter our thoughts, our perceptions, and the way feel about ourselves.  You can take control of your mind, your thoughts, your feelings, and your spirit.  You will start to see change.  

Therapy is about sorting things out and putting things together in a way that makes you whole again--that makes you you again. G.R.O.W.T.H. Counseling and Therapy, L.L.C. believes in your strength and vitality.  We help you to get grounded with gratitude, discover your resilience, create or build your opportunity all with the time it takes to heal and heart it takes to persevere and thrive.

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