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Are you ready for GROWTH?

We are here to help.  Make your appointment today. Therapy is a commitment and it involves building a relationship.  For that reason, it would be helpful to know if our services are right for you.  Call today to get a 15 minute consultation.


Florida Medicaid

Contact for more information and to check eligibility.  This will be updated when other insurance become available.

Self-Pay and Commercial

Therapy is a process and it takes a commitment.  Getting started in this process is a commitment to yourself and to your wellbeing. We are a self-pay provider of mental health treatment for those who do not have Medicaid.  We will update this when We become available for services with commercial insurances.  We provide services to men, women, adolescents, and small children.  We require parental involvement when working with adolescents and children.  


Initial Assessment - $100-$150

Therapy Session

Individual Counseling - $75-$125

Group Discussion

Group Counseling - $50

Girls in Black

Support Groups - pay what you can

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